Corporate Events

We bring you more

Our interactive day includes a project, breakout sessions and a few short training sessions to fully engage your group.


Real discussions with your teammates and colleagues.


Development that can be used personally and professionally.


Activities that spark creativity and games that will make you think.

We have partnered with leading speakers and trainers to develop a one of a kind development activity for your group. 

You Provide:
   * Place, Date, Time and People  

We Will: 
   * Engage your group in creative thinking, strategy and communication skills
   * Provide a one day development course (6 hours) with a project that goes along with our group activity at your location

We Deliver:
   * Your company message cleverly disguised as fun on an awesome project
   * Personal and professional development for your staff, groups and teams

Designing Better Teams!

Your Purpose/ Intent/ Theme


This might be a kick-off meeting where a message is delivered or re-inforced.


Or Uni-Tees as we call them. Events that bring your group together may be the company picnic or charitable in nature, like a walk for a cause.


Maybe your groups need a little inter-departmental fun while learning skills on how to engage with one another.


Make a statement with your mission, vision, core values or goals.

Variations on Your Theme

Single Design

As a group, make and choose one design.

Many Designs

Each individual makes their own design.

Group Designs

Multiple groups make their own design.

Individual Design, Individuals Design, Individual Designs, Group Design, Groups Design or Group Designs. Wow, that can be ambiguous!

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