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This page is just for the Spark to Sparkle/ s2s warehouse event at Funscrappers.

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Bring your friends! Bring your family!
Bring your neighbors and your neighbor's neighbor!

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Sunday, May 9th  2-6 pm, Come and Go…of course at 4098 Betty Pl, Salado

This will be an open event meaning that we will not have a single formal project. We will have several projects on hand and available to make right there: tumblers, doorhangers and tshirts/ transfers.

Reservations are not necessary. Attendance is not capped. Come and go at any time. (There may be limited quantities of items available but more can be ordered.)

Each project/ item is priced separately. Want to order supplies (tshirts, HTV, vinyl, etc)? Go to Be sure to use the code Funscrappers so it takes off shipping! Better yet, just write me and I will place the order for you. 

I always try to bring extra, but if you let me know before Saturday, 5/8, I will be sure to have your specific items on hand!



Reserve your tumbler at or click on the tumbler picture, 4 sizes to choose from!

Door Hangers

Approximately $30 depending on customization (Funscrappers prices will be discounted from listed pricing)

Shirts and Transfers

20 new transfer designs, shirts and more!

Dear Funscrappers,

Thank you all so much for letting me join you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all! This last year was difficult in trying to put the pieces back together with the shut downs. I am incredibly grateful to Jane for all of her support. I did not know Jane personally before all of this and now so happy to have her, her family and friends as friends. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime ( or write me on Facebook. I am happy to help you source items for your projects (of course, you can go to and I also have a site devoted on the How To ( Thank you for allowing me to test both projects and methods. I am working hard on this next chapter of fun and exciting things! I appreciate your feedback.

Much Love To You All,



New and upcoming projects. What do you want to see and do?

Planter Boxes

Wood Quilt Block

Want a custom design? Just reach out and we can discuss! We can do/ make most anything.*

* We do take into account ownership, copyrights and trademarks. For this reason, we cannot recreate some items that are licensed, legally bound or owned by another person or entity.

What's New

My new BFF and travelling buddy, Archer! He is a sweetheart and so loved. Lots of new pup projects to come!

#1 This website (still working on it) and #2 This RV. We have been working nights and weekends (although I do not really have “weekends”) on the new mobile vehicle. The snow and rain held us up a bit. Here we will store supplies and equipment so everything will be on hand as we travel place to place. Hoping to have complete by June 1st!

Past Projects

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Facebook: please tag me on any of the Funscrappers pages, Amanda Moore Maxwell